All About Brittain Keifer

Speech and Language Pathology, SLP

I earned a master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. This experience has allowed me to help individuals and families in the healthcare setting since 1999.
M.Ed and MA.

Marriage and Family Therapy, LMFT

I graduated from Oral Roberts University with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2005. Since completing this program, I have loved the opportunity to help individuals and families navigate challenging periods of their lives.

Being dually licensed in Marriage and Family Counseling and Speech and Language Pathology has given me a unique and specific skill set that encompasses the neuroanatomy of the brain and how it affects our cognitive and emotional well-being. Through this training, I have developed a greater understanding of what a person is experiencing emotionally and the different ways it can manifest internally and externally.

Mother and Wife

I married my husband in 2001, and we are both lifelong Okies. With over two decades of marriage and three beautiful children, I understand the demands that life can bring with the growth of a family and career. Life is beautiful and messy, and you have to embrace it all. I hope that I can help you with your journey.

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