5 Ways to Get More Out of Life

5 Ways to Get More Out of Life

5 Ways to Get More Out of Life

Happiness is a common topic in today’s society. We always see messages in advertising saying that happiness will surely come if we buy this product, jump on the latest fad diet, or wear the newest fashion. Deep down, we all know that doesn’t work. We try to keep up with it all anyway, don’t we? That’s alright – really, we all mean well.

I think the fact we try to better ourselves in any small way says something about who we are and what we want. We may not know it, but we all want to get more out of life. What are a few everyday things that could help us get a little more of the good stuff into our lives? Here are five practical ways we can get more out of life.

Tip 1: Practice Gratitude

“Acknowledging all the good you already have in your life is the foundation to all abundance,” said Eckhart Tolle, philosopher, and mystic. If you’re looking for more, being thankful for what you have right now is the best way to start attracting more into your life.

Make a little journal to write one thing you’re grateful for daily. Make time to sip your coffee and enjoy the moment at hand and the things around you. When you see and think about the good you already have, it’s easier to see the “more” you could bring into your life.

Tip 2: Be a Little Selfish!

This is hard sometimes, especially for moms and dads. Make sure that you remember to make time for the things you love. It’s ok to say “No” to others to make more time for yourself – even your kids or in-laws! With the busy lives people live these days, ensuring you get time to yourself is an excellent way to make more space in your life.

Try to build some routines that repeat every week so you can count on some “me” time every week. If others ask – tell them you’re busy! It’s ok to stand up for yourself and be a little selfish once in a while.

Tip 3: Take Time to Rest

Sometimes, busybodies (like me) like to think we ‘rest’ all the time, but true rest can be a little hard to find. If you feel tired, you probably are! Listen to that feeling and give yourself a little TLC. If you usually run around doing errands and working on home projects on the weekends, take a whole weekend to lay low. Sit on the couch for a while! It won’t bite.

Tip 4: Nurture a Positive Relationship

Having a good relationship with close friends, family, or partners is a big key to happiness. These are people you want to help lift up, the people you want to be around. Being there for someone else can make us feel needed, supported, and loved. Make a point to spend time with the people you trust most. Feeling the support from the people that know you best and having that person you can let your guard down with is a big thing. Make sure to protect and nurture those relationships.

Tip 5: Put Down the Phone

It’s so easy to get sucked into our phones these days. Social media can create a feeling of missing out. Social media can cause us to compare ourselves to others and their photos and videos. These are feelings we invite into our lives when we scroll on social media for a long time. If you want to stay in a good mindset, you can start by putting your phone down. Instead of scrolling, think about something that makes you happy.

Remember that social media posts are not real life, and everyone is going through something challenging. Spend some time taking a walk and noticing the nature around your neighborhood. Notice what the sky looks like, the clouds…Ahh. Take that break from your screen, and you might be surprised what you can gain.

Salt Therapy and Wellness Is Here to Help!

So… how do you feel? I always feel better after thinking about these little ways to get a little more out of life – even if it’s just writing them down here. If you enjoy learning about ways to better your life, you might think about learning from a professional. Counseling and therapy are beautiful ways to learn more about yourself and discover ways to live a life of “more” of the good stuff. If you see yourself leading a happier life, Salt Therapy and Wellness is happy to offer the kind of patience and understanding we all need to grow “more” in our lives! Contact us!


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